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Ergotherapy and Prevention

We use ergotherapy to plan all activities aimed at promoting the health and wellness of our guests, allowing them to maintain a satisfactory, active social life.

Also known as occupational therapy, ergotherapy is an area of rehabilitation that deals in developing, recovering or maintaining autonomy in the everyday lives of people with cognitive, physical, and mental disabilities. Through activities targeted to involve the mind and body, ergotherapy helps the older person to keep physically, psychological and socially active, allowing them to acquire a good level of emotional security and sense of usefulness to deal with their days with greater autonomy and satisfaction.

It is a team therapy that involves different professionals (doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, etc.) who, working in synergy and on top of this, they act on a person’s motor, cognitive and sensory processes, boosting their abilities and independence from both the mental and physical viewpoints.

As a rehabilitation course, we offer occupational therapy at our Rivabella care home for senior citizens

Inside our home, occupational therapy is Client-centred, which is why the therapist uses familiar, important activities for the guest, in response to their individual needs and wishes.
Using empathy, creativity and experience in the selection of the most recommended programmes to achieve set goals, our personnel work to identify and eliminate all environmental barriers, providing specific auxiliary means to increase autonomy, independence, and participation in daily and social activities.
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By training physical abilities through play and motor activities, we stimulate cognitive and sensory perceptions at the same time, promoting health and wellness with a broader, more complex approach.
The team also includes an art therapist, who adds value to the relationship that is cultivated with each resident. In the art therapy paths, in fact, you have the opportunity to approach, with various techniques, different materials including: watercolors, tempera, clay, recycled materials, collages, colored pencils, oil pastels, etc.

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