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Food and Diet

In the gourmet restaurant at Residenza Rivabella, you can spoil yourselves with diet foods and cakes and pastries for diabetics, where the focus is on a nutritional balance that still manages to enhance the taste and flavour combinations on the plate.

Food is an art and Mediterranean cuisine (recognised by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity since 2010) is synonymous with health and wellness.
The Chef at Rivabella, an absolute master in his field, together with his team, is able to create appetizing, delicious dishes that look as good as they taste, focusing on Bio/Demeter organic, seasonal ingredients, taking care of both nutritional balance and the personal needs and tastes of our guests.

For clients who have special dietary needs, customised menus are prepared, always of the highest culinary level, shared with a nutritionist and in line with medical recommendations.

In our care home you will find dietary cuisine on a par with that of a 5-star hotel

Our guests are free to choose whether to enjoy lunch or dinner in the gourmet restaurant overlooking the lakefront garden, or whether to enjoy their food in their own apartment.
The restaurant, with its experienced staff and lovely atmosphere, plus the view over the lake, are a clear invitation to let us pamper you in an atmosphere that satisfies all senses.

During the warmer months, we organise sumptuous banquets in the large park on occasion of special festivities, including, for example, the Swiss National Day.
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Our Chef
Ernesto Menegotto is the resident chef at Rivabella. It is here, in the stunning setting of Lake Lugano, that he is able to spoil guests with elegant cuisine, prioritising healthy, balanced dishes, all made with brief cooking times and using ingredients of the highest quality. The menu of the chef, who is from Varese, have traditional aromas and are made using fresh, unusual ingredients. The result is a brand new mix for lovers of strong, bolder flavours, but which is also able to satisfy finer, discerning palates, with new flavours and creative combinations.

Our Pastry Chefs
Comfort food par excellence, cakes and pastries have a proven ability to make us feel better, acting on neurotransmitters (serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins) and helping to lift our mood. As well as the Chef, the Rivabella care home also has its own pastry chefs, who make delicious cakes and pastries every day. These chefs are specialise in diet pastries, while all our cakes and pastries are healthy because they contain very little sugar/starch.

How to contact Residenza Rivabella

The office at our care home can be contacted by phone every day at +41 (0)91 612 96 96 or by Email at residenza@rivabella.ch
Residenza Rivabella is in Via Ressiga 17, Magliaso (Ticino-Switzerland)

Residenza Rivabella

For more than 30 years, our care and convalescent home is a point of reference for those seeking an excellent facility with all the comforts of a luxury hotel and a full range of medical care and assistance services.

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