Rivabella Primary Nursing

Therapy and services

Our main concern at nursing home Rivabella is the well-being of our guests, from a medical but also human standpoint. Our qualified therapists are committed to improve mobility and quality of life. A nurse call system is operational day and night to guarantee maximum safety and all our staff members have been handpicked based on their expertise and kindness. Every nursing staff member regularly attends update courses on the latest developments in the medical field.

Service quality is fundamental and we want our guests to feel safe and welcome at all times. For these reasons we were awarded the EFQM QAP certification in 2004. That achievement made us happy and proud, but we don't rest on our laurels and instead keep trying to better ourselves, even investing on infrastructure and modern technology.

Nursing and health care

A team of doctors and nurses is available 24/7, while partnerships with several surrounding hospitals and clinics allow Rivabella to respond quickly and efficiently to any kind of emergency. Our trusted doctors visit residents several times per week, meet with relatives and keep the paramedical staff abreast as necessary.

Rivabella is constantly staffed with qualified healthcare operators and nurses, guaranteeing continuity of care and patient safety. We are also concerned with helping residents maintain as much as possible the same routine they had in their own home, by arranging individual care plans for every guest of Rivabella. This in turn helps patients maintain and improve their abilities. On the other hand, if the patient's health declines, our staff is ready to step in and take full charge, with loving care and respect.

Physiotherapy, convalescence and rehabilitation

Rivabella is equipped to provide professional physical rehabilitation programs for every pathology, whether of neurological origin (ictus, Parkinson, Alzheimer), orthopedic (fractures, prosthesis, dorsopathy, tendinitis, bursitis, arthritis, osteoarthritis), lymphatic (lymphedema, dropsy) or cardiopulmonary.
The nursing home's location on the lake shore allows for outdoor exercising in a charming natural setting, while a fully equipped indoor rehabilitation gym is also available.
The nursing home's staff is always kept up-to-date and so is our infrastructure, which includes state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment and Human TECAR.

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy concerns itself with recovering, developing and maintaining independence in the activities of daily living for people with physical or psychical disabilities.
Occupational therapy in Rivabella is client-centered, making use of activities the patient is already familiar with.
Occupational therapy personnel also seek to remove architectural barriers and provide means to increase autonomy according to the wishes and needs of every guest; making use of cognitive stimulation, motor activities, leisure activities and the activities of daily living.

Preventive healthcare

Preventive medicine is very important in order to avoid health problems and frailty commonly associated with growing old. Physiotherapy, occupational therapy, exercising and Tai Chi help maintain a healthy body and mind.

Primary Nursing

Primary Nursing in the nursing home emphasizes continuity of care delivery and responsibility acceptance. A well-coordinated system of nursing care delivery is implemented, which views the retirement home as a dynamic and lively place, with individual roles and shared responsibility among the nursing staff. The work of everyone involved is valued and well-coordinated care improves patient satisfaction and safety.

Well-being and relax

Beside medical services, the nursing home also offers treatments worthy of a luxury hotel spa: hairdresser, esthetician, chiropodist, masseur. We help our guests with daily routine activities like correspondence and shopping. Transportation and drivers are also available when necessary.

Leisure activities

Rivabella has qualified personnel working to keep our guests active; reading books and magazines, organizing debates, board games and other useful activities to prevent memory decline and maintain general knowledge.

Pets in the nursing home

Rivabella is one of few nursing homes accepting dogs and cats. Several studies have demonstrated the psychological and physical benefits of companion animals.
Our staff will gladly take charge of your pets, while maintaining the peace and quiet of other residents.